The cricket fever is set to hit West Indies as the 2017 season promises to be action-packed with a slew of exciting fixtures lined up for fans. The West Indies cricket team will face off against some of the top teams in the world, offering spectators a chance to witness thrilling matches and fierce competition.

One of the most anticipated fixtures on the West Indies cricket calendar is the series against England, featuring Test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 games. These clashes are sure to draw large crowds and keep fans on the edge of their seats as the two teams battle it out on the pitch.

In addition to the England series, the West Indies cricket team will also take on rivals such as India, Australia, and Pakistan in various formats of the game. These matches will provide a true test of the team’s skills and capabilities, as they strive to cement their position among the top cricketing nations.


Fans can look forward to witnessing star players like Chris Gayle, Darren Sammy, and Sunil Narine in action, as they showcase their talents and entertain audiences with their exceptional performances. The West Indies cricket team is known for its aggressive yet entertaining style of play, making them a fan favorite around the world.

As the countdown to the West Indies cricket fixtures 2017 begins, supporters are urged to mark their calendars and secure their tickets to ensure they don’t miss out on any of the thrilling matches. With plenty of exciting games on the horizon, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to a memorable season of sports action and competitive spirit.

So, get ready to cheer on the West Indies cricket team as they take on their rivals in a series of epic encounters that are sure to captivate audiences and showcase the best of Caribbean cricket. Don’t miss out on the excitement – stay tuned for updates on the latest fixtures and matches happening throughout the 2017 cricket season.

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